ECED 2017 Conference attendees will be able to enjoy several pre- and post-conference excursions including some short tours that will take place during the conference. Below we provide tour descriptions, schedules and prices. Please note that some excursions might be cancelled in case we do not gather the minimum number of people required.

Please note, that Vilnius City Tour is included in accompanying person’s registration fee. Thus accompanying persons do not have to register here, unless they prefer to have other tours. If you are an accompanying person, please contact us to reserve date and time for Vilnius excursion (

Excursion booking form is closed. All tour bookings will be available onsite. 

Vilnius City tour

With transport and English speaking guide
Tour duration– 2hrs 30 min
Tour start/finish– Artis hotel

Date & time offered:
2017-09-07 11:00
2017-09-08 10:00 CANCELLED
2017-09-09 10:00 CANCELLED

Price: 40 EUR

Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania is the city situated on the boundary of two ancient – Latin and Byzantine – civilizations. People from all the different nationalities, religions and cultures lived here and have created a colorful city mosaic. Vilnius has one of the largest Old Towns in Central and Eastern Europe where the buildings of different styles and the network of medieval streets are very well preserved. Thus the Old Town of Vilnius is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.
We are offering you a unique opportunity to explore the beauty, legends and architecture of Vilnius by taking the Vilnius City Tour. You will get acquainted with the most important landmarks of Vilnius including the masterpieces of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical styles as well as the symbols of the dynamic new development of Vilnius.

Program (in short):
Bunder of the river Neris, Green bridge, Gediminas Castle, Cathedral square, Presidential Palace, Vilnius University, St. Ann’s and Bernadine’s church (stopping), Amber museum-gallery (St. Mykolo str. 8), Užupis, the Gates of Dawn (stopping), Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit, Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Town Hall, its square, Vokiečių street, Rūdninkų street, Pylimo street, Gediminas avenue, KGB museum, Parliament.

Vilnius City Audio guide Tour

One trip duration: 1h 25 min.
Start/finish: Cathedral Square 500m from Artis Hotel

Date & time offered:
2017-09-06/07 from Cathedral Square: 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30
2017-09-09 from Cathedral Square: 10:00, 10:25, 11:30, 11:55, 13:00, 14:30

Price: 12 EUR – one trip, 15 EUR – 24 h Hop On Hop Off

Discover the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius and get ready for a city full of surprises. Learn all kinds of interesting and entertaining facts about Vilnius with the audio guide, which is available in 11 languages.

Languages: English, Russian, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Lithuanian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian.

Jewish tour of Vilnius

With English speaking guide
Tour duration–2 hrs
Tour start/finish– Artis hotel

Date & time offered:
2017-09-09 17:00

Price: 12 EUR

Until 1941 the Lithuanian capital Vilnius was one of the most important Jewish cultural centers in the world, with a population that for one-third consisted of Jews. It was a vibrant cultural, academic and spiritual center, often referred to as “Jerusalem of the North” or “Jerusalem of Lithuania”. In 1941 this Jewish presence came to an abrupt end. The Second World War resulted in the almost total liquidation of the Jewish community and destroyed large parts of the city.

When foreigners now visit Vilnius they find very little of the city’s Jewish past. Although there are a few museums, some statues and several plaques on the walls that refer to the Jewish history of Vilnius or indicate where the Vilnius ghetto was, one really has to know the city or invest considerable time to be able to understand what Jewish Vilnius looked like, where it exactly was and how it was destroyed.

The Jewish tour of Vilnius will take you to some of these spots, but also to remnants of the past that are hidden to the inexperienced eye. An expert guide will tell you about the history, guide you through alleys and courtyards, and help you to imagine what Vilnius must have looked like before the war.

Vilnius Beer Tasting (CANCELLED)

Tour duration– 2hrs
Tour start/finish– Artis hotel

Date & time offered:
2017-09-09 16:00

Price: 30 EUR
The price includes: 5 sorts of Lithuanian beer. Traditional Lithuanian beer snacks – fried bread with garlic, assortment of dried and smoked meats, assortment of various Lithuanian cheeses.
The presentation of the Lithuanian brewer on Lithuanian brewery traditions, the Lithuanian brewers, various stories and facts relating to the Lithuanian beer.

Tasting of Lithuanian beer- it is a chance to see and taste the sort of beer Lithuanians love, it is a great way to spend time during your visit in Lithuania. Not for nothing Lithuanians love and respect beer for centuries. We offer you an exclusive beer tasting, during which we will not only offer you to taste different kinds of beer, but also we will tell its story, what is it made of and why is it so special.
We make ‘Leiciai’ beer in ‘Leiciu bravoras’. There is a little cosy restaurant in Bravoras, where under XIV century dome is an attractive hall for customers, where they can pour fresh beer themselves from a tap on their table. Beer pours directly from the barrel, cold and fresh, without any contact with air. Impressive beer barrels are to be seen through a glass wall, so that there were no doubts were from does the beer come.

From ancient times Lithuanians love and respect beer. Every Lithuanian has his favorite type of beer and discussions, which is without a doubt an inherent part of a revel. Nowadays, beer lovers in Lithuania recognize a production of small and medium-sized breweries manufacturing beer with a vivid memorable taste.
We offer you a beer tasting of an exclusive traditional Lithuanian beer in our beer pub, which is located in Vilnius old town heart – Stiklių street. The tasting is not only beer tasting, but also our professional beer sommelier spill to you information about brewing history and traditions on Lithuania, about nowadays actualities, short explanation about each of tasted beers.

Tour to Trakai

With transport, English speaking guide and Castle tickets
Tour duration: 4 hrs

Tour start/finish (09.07)—Artis Hotel
Tour start/finish (09.10)—Town Hall square

Date & time offered:
2017-09-07 9:30
2017-09-10 9:00 CANCELLED

Price: 62 EUR

Trakai – the former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – is a small town located about 28 km from Vilnius. Situated in a picturesque lakeside area it is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the country. The historical part of the town conserved the ruins of Peninsula Castle, the authentic heritage of small ethnic group Karaites and of course the top must see site – the famous insular Castle on the lake, the original gothic style architectural monument from the end of the XIV century, a historical Museum of Trakai nowadays. Our tour includes a visit to Trakai Castle. After the visit in the castle you will have some time to enjoy the beauty of the nature during the boat trip, buy interesting souvenirs and have a short break before going back to Vilnius.

Tour to Kaunas (CANCELLED)

With transport, English speaking guide and museum ticket

Tour duration: 7- 8 hrs
Tour start/finish —Town Hall square

Date & time offered:
2017-09-10 08:30

Price: 60 EUR

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania and lies within 100 km from Vilnius. It is situated at the confluence of the rivers Nemunas and Neris. Kaunas is charming not only for its historical buildings, green parks, but it is well known for its museums, counted over twenty with all their branches. The M. K. Ciurlionis Art Gallery and the Devil’s Museum are nearby. Philosophical pictures by the Lithuanian artist and composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis (1875-1911) and some rather amusing devils will make your visit to Kaunas really unforgettable. Today it is significant center of science, culture and industry. In Kaunas we will visit Kaunas castle site, the oldest St. George church and the Bernardines monastery, Town Hall and picturesque example of Gothic house architecture Perkūnas House.

Tour to Kernave (CANCELLED)

With transport, English speaking guide and museum ticket
Tour duration: 4 hrs
Tour start/finish (09.07)—Artis Hotel
Tour start/finish (09.10)—Town Hall square

Date & time offered:
2017-09-07 9:30
2017-09-10 9:00

Price: 50 EUR

In the 13th century Kernavė was probably the first Lithuanian state capital. At that time it was a wooden town of feudal artisans and merchants and one of the major economic centers of the country. Five fortified mounds served to protect the Duke’s castle and the town. There are more than one thousand of these ancient mounds in Lithuania , but this is the only place where you will find so many of them together.
The tour will continue in the medieval capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – Kernavė, which is an archaeological site included into UNESCO World Heritage list in 2004. Kernavė Archaeological Site, situated in the valley of the river Neris in eastern Lithuania, provides evidence of human settlements spanning some 10 millennia. Covering an area of 194.4 ha, the it contains archaeological evidence of ancient land use from the late Palaeolithic Period to the Middle Ages. It comprises a complex ensemble of archaeological elements, including the town of Kernavė, a unique complex of impressive hillforts, unfortified settlements, burial sites and other archaeological, historical and cultural monuments. The tour will include visiting the Archaeological and Historical Museum housing over 20,000 artefacts, 5 impressive hillforts in Pajauta Valley, open-air museum presentation.

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