Abstract submissions for workshop, oral and poster presentations for inclusion in the conference programme were being accepted up until July 23, 2017.

The criteria for submissions are detailed below.

Abstract Formatting

TITLE: Type title in UPPER CASE letters.
AUTHORS: List all authors with presenter first.

Please state if your submission is for workshop, oral or poster presentation

1. Introduction.
2. Methods.
3. Results.
4. Conclusions.
**Please note there is a limit of 500 words for the body of the abstract excluding the title and author names, etc. Any abstract that exceeds this limit will not be considered. Use single spacing and do not exceed one page A-4! No attachments.

Criteria for Selecting Presentations
All submissions are reviewed by the Scientific Committee and are rated in terms of innovation, creativity, quality of design, and importance of the work for scientific progress in the field. However, we are very keen to encourage younger researchers and clinicians who wish to present their work.

For oral presentations please bear in mind that these should not last more than 15 minutes each to allow time for discussion in conjunction with other papers being presented.

A major focus of the ECED General Meetings is to discuss cutting-edge projects and work in progress, so even if your submissions are relatively new and innovative, we would invite your participation for discussion and dissemination among our colleagues. When submitting work in progress, please describe the essential design features and, where possible, preliminary results. Given the time constraints for oral presentations, the Scientific Committee may advise that some submissions be presented in poster format.